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Maintaining Roads For All Purposes

Road maintenance is a term used to describe the various tasks, typically carried out at regular intervals and over considerable distance, that keep a road in good condition. S. Jacobs needed the road within his property to be fixed due to corrosion from weather conditions over the years.

Our excavation services provide efficient road maintenance. We quickly brought out our excavating equipment and got to work. The property’s road had trees and brush that begin to grow into the edges of the road. We started out by clearing the outside of the road of all brush, rocks, trees, and stumps. The road was originally constructed on a hill so we brought out a 6-way blade to make cutting into the hillside easier. The job took many days to complete but the client was satisfied with the efficiency of the project. 

If you’re in need of completing a road maintenance project contact Lohman Excavation today!

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