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Readily Available Land Clearing Solutions

When the plants on a property start to invade other areas, it can be difficult for home owners to remove them. Invasive plants are generally characterized as plants that become a problem when they are introduced to an environment where they don’t have animals that feed on them which leads these plants to spread at higher rates than the native plants in that area. There is little to no control over invasive plants, and it becomes difficult to get rid of them without some sort of outside help.

Customer I. Lewis began to have problems with invasive species growing freely on his property. He wanted to clear out the invasive plants in his property in order to better maintain his land as well as keep a clean aesthetic.

We decided to scope out the general area in order to understand the environment. Here are some steps that we took to clear his property of invasive shrubs. 

We noticed the issue surrounding the property was the amount of shrubs and small trees that were growing closer to the property. These species can be hazardous during fire season if not maintained properly. Due to the amount of vegetation causing the problem, we decided to bring out our heavy equipment to resolve the issue. We used an excavator to scrape the land. Scraping is a technique used to remove trees and shrubs above ground as well as the shallow roots and seeds located in the top layer of the soil. If needed, the excavator can perform deeper scrapes that remove roots that are further underground. This is an effective and efficient way to remove invasive species and we were able to complete the project within a few days.

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