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Protecting A Home And A Family

Fire season is around the corner and homeowners need to prepare before it arrives. One of the most important preparations is installing a fire break on their property. A firebreak is an area around a building or property that has been cleared of anything that would be likely to burn, like rubbish, leaves, and dry grass. They are strips of land cleared of trees, brush, and other flammable vegetation that can act as a barrier to stop or slow down fires. They stop fires from spreading easily by providing a “barrier” for them to spread out along. 

As a safety precaution, it is important that we do not ignore the risks of a wildfire happening where you live because the damage can be substantial.

Our client, J. Richards knew of the fire hazards surrounding his property and contacted us to inquire about a firebreak. We addressed his concern for safety by installing fire lines around his entire property. Now he feels reassured as his family and property as well as his animals are now protected.

Wild fires have been becoming more and more common. Homeowners need to be prepared for fires to further ensure the safety of their property as well as their surrounding environment. To inquire about Lohman Excavation’s Fire Line Service contact us today!


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